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Does any of this sound familiar?

>  you are constantly responding to the latest crisis without a moment for strategic thought?
>  do you struggle to prioritize important tasks?
>  are you lost in a sea of ideas and don’t have the capacity to execute them? (and they’re all important to you?)
>  Juggling the dual responsibilities of your household and business?

Hi, I'm Rigel,
Welcome to your turning point!

Welcome to Upgrade You Academy! I’m Rigel Jones, your dedicated Certified Mindset Coach & Growth Catalyst. As a person of color and a proud Filipino reclaiming my heritage, I’m here to guide ambitious individuals towards a balanced life where success and joy coexist.

With over ten years of experience in the online business world, I blend mindset coaching, spirituality, and practical business strategies. My mission is to support you in achieving success without sacrificing your well-being or authenticity.

As a mom to three incredible kids and a business owner, I understand the unique challenges you face. Instead of “doing it all,” let’s focus on creating a life that honors your hard-earned successes and personal happiness.

If life’s demands are weighing you down, consider me your guiding light. Together, we’ll build a life that celebrates your journey and embraces your true self.


We often tell to ourselves that we’re falling short

The reality? We’re navigating a society where achievement often means sacrificing our mental and physical wellness.

We’ve been fed this old tale that success is just a matter of grinding harder. But what if the mantra of ‘keeping your head down and working hard’ is more of a barrier than a boost, a system that doesn’t serve us equally?

All too often, we stretch ourselves thin – putting everyone else’s needs and opinions before our own dreams and visions, all for the sake of “being productive”.

While we’re filled with wonderful ideas and plans, our bodies might be waving a white flag of surrender. But here’s the good news – realignment and rejuvenation are well within our reach.

Diving into the latest self-help reads, tuning into insightful podcasts, or engaging in therapy can feed our mental appetite for growth. However, when our bodies signal a timeout, pushing us to scale back or downsize our dreams, it’s a potent reminder that our mindset must be liberated from oppressive narratives.

The means to manage and transform stress aren’t just out there—they’re ready and waiting for you. And no, you don’t need to flip your career on its head or jet off to Bali to find them—unless, of course, that’s where your passion is calling you.

Feeling ‘stuck’ is not your destiny.

You’ve already set things in motion, made strides against the tide. Yet, you yearn to close the gap towards your boundless potential, free from the shackles of colonialism and patriarchy.

Imagine creating the business and life of your dreams… sans the need for complex morning routines, additional qualifications, or never-ending to-do lists.

Let’s transcend the world of superficial motivational quotes and brief bouts of meditation.

Picture what it would feel like to not just pursue success, but to truly live it and embody it every single day.

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