My Story

I've walked the path, and I'm here to show you that you can do the same!

Hey there, I’m Rigel Jones. I started by coaching journey to help busy moms like you find freedom and success, both in your personal life and your business. My journey’s been full of ups and downs—from working full-time, running a business to discovering who I really am during tough times. And I’ve learned a lot, especially about what it means to be children of immigrants and a woman of colour, trying to meet the western world’s expectations.

I’m here to help you break through the barriers holding you back. With training in everything from Life Coaching to EFT, I’ve got the tools to help you reach your dreams without sacrificing your well-being.

My journey has taken me from Mississauga, Ontario, all the way to small town, South Shore, Nova Scotia. As a mom of three and an entrepreneur, I’ve learned the hard way how to balance culture, identity, and ambition.

finding MY way

I once bought into the idea that to succeed, I had to do it all. But I ended up overwhelmed and unhappy. Through coaching and a lot of self-discovery, I learned to let go of those unrealistic expectations and build a life of real success and happiness.

Now, I’m here FOR YOU

Living by the ocean, helping clients, and spending quality time with my family, I’ve found my peace and purpose. My journey shows it’s possible to move from being overstretched to fully flourishing.

Let's Do This Together

I’m on a mission to help women like us break free from the pressure to be constantly productive. If you’re ready to define success on your own terms and find true joy in your life and business, I’m here to guide you.

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