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My Morning Routine-ish

Like many of you, I’ve recently been tinkering with my morning routine, or should I say trying to establish one that feels right. I’m not naturally a routine person, or at least not the kind with an ‘ideal’ routine neatly laid out. But, I’ve been on a quest to establish a healthier start to my day. Here’s what I’ve learned and what I often tell my clients: create a morning routine that truly fits your life and your aspirations.

My Current Routine

I’m a firm believer in planning, even my spontaneity! My Google Calendar is my lifeline—it holds everything from work appointments and self-care slots to times for making kids’ lunches. Although I love a bit of chaos (who doesn’t?), I know I function best when I have some structure, especially in the mornings when I’m most creative and motivated.

Here’s a glimpse into my morning

0 – Google Calendar Checks and create To Do list: It’s a zero because this task is something I do the night before. I review my agenda for the next day, and create a ToDo list that only contains 5 of the most important things that moves the needle towards my goals.  I’m still working on not binging too much on Netflix before bed, but it really is the only time I have to do this. This may need to be scheduled into my calendar!

1 – Waking Up Early: I’m a morning person, but don’t worry, although I love the 5 AM club, I’m not one to push that in your face…unless it suits you. For me, waking up early is about taking care of me. I carve the first hour of my awake state in visualizing my day, knowing what’s on the agenda and seeing myself go through each transition seamlessly. Then any breathwork, journaling, stretching and (future) workout happens at this time. This is the best ME time because, typically, everyone is still asleep. I then do a quick scan of my calendar to see what’s lined up for the day.

2 – Get Ready For The Day: So I don’t make the bed. My husband takes pride in doing that task, so I’m off the hook on this one. My husband and I get the kids up and going, and we get them ready for school, breakfast, make lunch and drop off the kids to school. 

3 – GTD Focus Work: This is a time block set on my calendar first thing in the morning for Getting Things Done. I’m a morning person so most of the important work (to me) HAS to be done during this time block.

And that’s really it until I take a break for lunch! Post-morning work, I switch gears around the afternoon for mom duties and home tasks. It’s a seamless transition most days, thanks to a bit of forethought in the mornings or the night before.

Creating YOUR Morning Routine

Here’s some advice on how you can create your own effective morning routine:

1 – Tailor to Your Life: Your routine should fit your current situation and lifestyle. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. I would also add a tiny routine that your ideal future-self would be doing.

2 – Visualize Your Ideal Morning: Think about your ideal life goals. What does your future self do each morning? Try to incorporate elements of that into your current routine.

3 – Assess and Adapt: Identify parts of your current routine that work well and those that don’t. Keep what works and adjust what doesn’t.

4 – Prepare the Night Before: Remember, your morning routine starts the night before. Visualize your next day’s routine before bed, including how you’ll handle potential disruptions.

5 – Gradually Change Habits: Notice any habits you’d like to change. Work on gradually lessening these rather than quitting cold turkey (ie. my Netflixing)

6 – Include Flexibility: If you’re like me, and you thrive on some level of spontaneity, make sure to schedule it in. It’s about balance!

Final Thoughts

Developing a morning routine that energizes and prepares you for the day doesn’t have to be a rigid set of tasks. It’s about crafting a start to the day that aligns with who you are and who you want to become. For me, this includes blocking out time not just for work, but crucially for self-care and family time. Yes, I even schedule time for spontaneity—it’s about making sure there’s room for unplanned joy! And remember, it’s perfectly fine to keep tweaking it until it feels just right. 

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